Sleep-Driving, Can it Happen to Me?

While I was in school, I was asked by a friend to be an usher during a big sports event. I was very happy to comply, not only that I will get paid, I thought to myself, but I will also get to see the opening celebrations of the event

The gig was exhausting, directing thousands of people to their seats, answering questions, but I did not care, I was excited. Once the stadium gates were closed I was free to watch the event.

I started noticing my drowsiness problem on the way back home, I was driving on a highway that had those galvanized metal fences separating my lane from oncoming traffic, it was dark, the car lights were insufficient, and I started drifting in and out of awareness. Falling asleep while driving. Instead of stopping on the side to get some needed rest, I decided to fight it. Opening the windows, volume up on the radio, and what not. All I got was warm summer wind, which did not help my situation a bit.

Then it happened I was awakened with a shot of adrenalin. The car drifted into the center lane crossed to the unpaved area and started scraping the metal fence. The scratching noise and the car undulations were probably, what awakened me and saved my life. I could have indeed drifted to the right side finding myself hugging a tree or one of those high voltage electric poles that run parallel to the highway.

You would think the adrenaline shot will keep you awake for a while, however from experience, it is short living, and if you do not take action immediately, you can find yourself in the same semi-aware situation over and over until you run out of luck.

So yes, Sleep-Driving happened to me, and it will happen to you. The best way to prevent that is to avoid driving in a sleep deprivation situation. If you get tired while driving start using the Talkuccino application to help keep your brain stimulated as you talk to strangers about a topic of your choosing.

My incident ended with me alive since I was able to regain control of the car, the guy in the video I found did not regain control.